Monday, 6 March 2017

Instagram Photos Jan - early March 2017

Here's what's been happening over on Instagram the past few weeks.  To find out what these photos were all about, pop over to my account kaleidoscopetarot.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Hello again old friend.

Two years ago when this blog came into being one of my first posts was about the start of my love affair with Tarot in 1995.

The first deck I ever owned was The Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis.

Here's what I wrote about it in that early post.

"My first deck was The Celtic Tarot.  Bought in a bookshop in my local mall with a huge amount of excitement and the sense that finally I was taking that step into something magical and slightly forbidden in a delicious way.  I got home, unwrapped it and sat down waiting for the magic to unfold, sadly I felt deflated and unenthused.  Nothing spoke to me and the minor arcana were not cards showing activities, just the number of wands, pentacles, cups and swords (pips I know now).  I had bought this deck mainly because it was one of three in the shop and having Celtic heritage it seemed sensible, (you do have to smile at this). So here I was, uninspired and disappointed, sitting cross legged on my bed wondering what now.  I soldiered on with reading the book, a good sized book not a mini booklet which was full of information but I could not get things to stick in my mind or make sense to me when I looked at the cards.  I tried a few layouts, reading each description from the book and becoming confused, so immediately doing another layout and becoming even more confused - you get the picture and am sure some of you have been in exactly the same place."

A few years later I sold the deck.

I'm happy to say that twenty two years on I have been lucky enough to track down a copy of the deck and book and it is once again in my bookshelf.  Isn't the artwork just gorgeous, I really missed it.  Just goes to show that sometimes it's just not the right time to work with a deck.  It definitely was the wrong choice as a beginner but now that i'm a lot further down the track and very curious about pip decks it's perfect timing.

You can read the full post about my beginnings over here

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Blogging absences and 2016

During the last months of 2016 I noticed that I wasn't writing as many blog posts compared to previous months and this was mostly down to finding myself interacting on Instagram more than anywhere else.  Instagram is really enjoyable for me mainly because of the element of interaction with people and without all the drama that seems to follow Facebook conversations at times.

I thought that it may be fun to post screenshots of all my photographs from Instagram on here so you could share in what i've been up to if you don't already follow me over there.  So here they all are going back a little into the end of 2015 up to today.  If you'd like to follow me on Instagram click on the link in the sidebar, i'd love to see you there.

In 2017 I plan on being more active on my blog so please do pop back :-)

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Planning and Setting Intentions

Making plans for my Tarot and Holistic work, studies, setting intentions for 2017 and beyond, being open to possibilities, embracing the magic and sharing what I love to do. Reminding myself each day to Have Courage. 

Notes:   Filofax Aqua A5 Domino, Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Wanting a little magical Crochet Project?

Knowing loads of you enjoy some crochet on the side I thought you might have some fun with my little crochet gift to you in preparation for Autumn or Halloween decorating.  The pattern is one I created and published on my freelance design site and popular yarn craft sites back in 2011.  The pumpkins can be strung together to make a garland or used separately as coasters.  If you like the idea but don't crochet, pop down to the bottom of the pattern page for some alternative options.

Wishing you loads of fun and please share your pics if you make them on my instagram @kaleidoscopetarot and the tag #kaleidoscopetarotpumpkin  

Pumpkin Time Garland

The copyright for this design is held by the designer, publishing here as Kaleidoscope Tarot.  Under no circumstances is the pattern it to be republished or sold.  Links to this pattern page are welcome.

Pattern and items made for personal use only, not for sale, crochet class tutorials, public events etc without permission.

Ch5, join with SS to first chain to form ring

Round 1:
Ch3 (this acts as first DC), DC11, join with SS to top of first DC.

Round 2.
SS into space between first and second DC's; Ch3, 1DC into same space; 2DC into each following space, join with SS to top of first DC = 24 DC's.

Round 3:
SS into space between first and second DC's; Ch3, 1DC into same space; *1DC into next space, 2DC into next space*; repeat * to * to last space; 1DC;  join with SS to top of first DC = 36 DC's.

SS into space between first and second DC's; 1SC into each of next two spaces; *2DC into next space; 1DC into each of next two spaces*; repeat * to * 3 times more; 2DC into next space; 1SC into next 5 spaces; repeat * to * 4 times; 2DC into next space; 1SC into next 2 spaces; You are now back at the starting space.

Round 5:
1SC into next 3 spaces; 2DC into first "V" of previous round; 1DC into next space; *2DC into next space; 1DC into next space*; repeat * to * 6 times more; 1SC into next 9 spaces; work *to * 7 times; 1SC into next four spaces, SS into first SC of round.  Join on green yarn to begin stalk.

Ch9, Idc into 4th chain from hook; 1DC into each chain, SS into the top of pumpkin to join, tie off.

There are a few uses..........

Make as many as you like.  Join together into a garland by crocheting a chain attaching pumpkins to the chain as you go.

Use them as coasters during the the Autumn months.

Join them in a vertical line, intermingled with wood, beads and anything else that's autumnal and hang in a window.

If you like the idea but don't crochet then why not replace the pumpkins with cutouts from felt, card stock or patterned paper and tie onto a length of ribbon.